Industrial Borescope PCE-VE 250
Digital endoscope with cleaning function / Camera head diameter 8.5 mm (0.33 in) /
3.5'' TFT LC - Display / 4x optical zoom / Viewing angle 60° /
6 white, dimmable LEDs on the camera head / Memory option on Micro SD card

The Industrial Borescope PCE-VE 250 is a diagnostic tool with integrated cleaning function. This makes the Industrial Borescope PCE-VE 250 ideal for use on machine components. The cleaning can be done either with compressed air or compressed air in conjunction with water and or detergents. The nozzle for the water and air is located directly next to the camera head of the digital endoscope, allowing very precise work. Another advantage is that the camera head has a light, so that an exact estimation of the point to be cleaned can be made.The approximately 90 cm / 2ft 11 in long endoscope cable offers semi - flexible properties that allow the cable to be inserted into openings.The cleaning takes place via a trigger.Cleaning can be done with water or detergent.Due to the fact that the corresponding liquid is moved by means of compressed air,it is also possible to clean the machine part only with compressed air.For this purpose,a shut - off valve is mounted in front of the trigger by which the liquid supply can be stopped.This happens only by flipping the valve.If there is still fluid in the endoscope tube due to previous use,it is blown out of the tube and cleaning without liquid is possible.When diagnosing with the digital endoscope,the images and videos can be saved on a micro SD card.A 4 GB micro SD card is included with the digital endoscope.Also included in the delivery is a liquid container in which cleaning fluid can be filled.The level of this container is also directly visible.The use of the digital endoscope requires a compressed air connection.This requires 6 to 8 bar connection pressure.The charging of the digital endoscope takes place via the USB interface on the device itself.A car charger adapter is included so that the digital endoscope can be charged whilst on the move, as the battery charge nears its end.However, the normal battery life of a charge is four hours in continuous operation.On the digital endoscope is a camera tube to which both a lighting device and a cleaning device is attached.The lighting can be controlled on the display by the main unit. It is possible to dim the lights or turn them off completely. There are three levels of adjustable brightness.In contrast to the endoscope cable, which has a cable diameter of 4.5 mm / 0.18 in, the camera head has a diameter of 8.5 mm due to the two functions. The endoscope cable is a semi-flexible device that is protected from water, dust and oil by IP67.

  • - 8.5 mm / 0.33 in camera head diameter
  • - 3.5'' display
  • - Adjustable illumination brightness
  • - Cleaning function
  • - 4 h battery life in continuous operation
  • - Cable length ca. 90cm / 2ft 11 in
  • - Memory option on Micro SD card
  • - Image rotation and reflection on the display

Main unit

Display : 3.5'' TFT LCD
Resolution video function : AVI (640 x 480)
Resolution image function : JPEG (640 x 480)
Image rotation : 360° rotation und mirror function
Freeze function : Yes
Zoom : 4-fold, digital
Storage medium : Micro SD card (4 GB)
Menu languages : German,English,Spanish,French,Russian,Japanese,simplified Chinese,traditional Chinese
Interfaces : Micro USB 2.0, TV output, Micro SD card slot
TV output : PAL
Power supply : Li-ion battery (2600-mAh)
Typical battery life per battery charge : 4 hours in continuous operation
Protection class : Splashproof

Endoscope cable

Camera head diameter : 8.5 mm / 0.33 in
Cable diameter : 4.5 mm / 0.18 in
Cable length : ca. 90 cm / 2ft 11 in
Camera resolution : 720 x 576 Pixel
Camera lighting : 6 white LEDs (adjustable intensity)
Field of view / angle of view : 60°
Field of view depth : 30 ... 60 mm / 1.18 ... 2.36 in
Push cable : semi-flexible

Environmental conditions of digital endoscope PCE-VE 250

Operating temperature probe : In air: -10 … 50°C / 14 ... 122°F,In water: 5 … 50°C / 41 ... 122°F
Operating temperature main unit : In air: -10 … 50°C / 14 ... 122°F
Relative humidity probe and main unit : 15 ... 90%
Liquid resistance probe and main unit : Machine oil, light oil or saline solution 5%
Probe : Water, oil and dust, to protection class IP67
Main unit : Splash-proof (with closed battery compartment) not usable under water